Due to our existing business relationships with numerous associated market sector specialists and technical advisors, Bayethe Trading is uniquely positioned to assist our customers in developing technical and business solutions to many varied applications and business challenges. Each challenge is defined together with the customer to ensure the end- result/outcome achieves the desired result. A project based approach is followed where a team of relevant and experienced technical resources develop the desired solutions with the customer. Our diverse network of associated specialists and subject matter experts, developed over nearly 80 years of combined business development experience enables Bayethe Trading to tackle difficult challenges with passion and confidence and to deliver the value our customers desire.

Water Treatment Solutions

Water is becoming a scarce commodity in our country and beyond. Our natural water resources are systematically becoming more polluted for various reasons. A high percentage of all boreholes sunk in our country are already polluted/contaminated with E. coli and other harmful bacteria and viruses. Bayethe Trading is able to provide various water treatment solutions whether the need be elimination of these harmful bacteria and viruses or altering the actual characteristics of the water. For those applications where no immediate solution is available, we can put the right team together to develop the solution desired. Should you be interested in this opportunity please go to the CONTACT tab on our website and get in touch with us.

Waste Treatment Solutions

Environmental compliance is fast becoming a significant factor in our country’s business ethics culture. The use of harsh chemicals in treating spillages wherever they occur is directly linked to damage being done by these harsh chemicals to our environment. More and more legislation is being put in place and compliance is becoming mandatory. Bayethe Trading markets a wide range of naturally occurring bacteria-based products developed to target specific organic compounds affecting our environment. The market sectors these products target are Hospitality (restaurants, guest houses etc.), Agriculture, Industrial and Manufacturing, Domestic, Education (schools and higher education facilities). Should you be interested in this opportunity please go to the CONTACT tab on our website and get in touch with us.